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DoDEA Grants

At Cache Public Schools we value our military connected families and want to support them in every way possible. Cache has been awarded 9 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) grants over the years to help support this mission. These grants provide resources and experiences to all students, regardless of thier backgroud or families military affiliation. They are essential in helping us meet the needs of our military conencted students, who face a unique set of circumstances, as well as our lifeling Cache students. 

A listing of our current DoDEA grants can be found below.

Cache Calculated Connections 

A collaborative effort to vertically align all math curriculum across the district and improve math outcomes for all students. 

Cache Reset and Refocus

We are on a mission to help retain our teachers, improve morale and unify our distirct under a cohesive strategic plan. 

In depth information about our strategic plan, as well as all of the data used for the plan, can be found under the 2023 Strategic Plan tab. 

Cache Fitness Forward

Redefiing the school day by incorprating intentional movement in the classroom that is designed to reduce behavioral issues and improve academic success for all.