Tech Help for Famiies

Technology Help for Families 

If you need help with a password, whether it be for Wengage or a Student's Email, please reach out to us by using this link:  https://forms.gle/5FqjfBZU48JwKT569. Fill out the form and someone will respond to help you. Please know that we are processing these as quickly as we can. 


ClassLink is a single sign-on website for all other Cache Schools' online curriculum programs. Using the ClassLink site will automatically log the student into their online textbooks and other online curriculum programs, such as iStation, Accelerated Reader, Moby Max, Study Island and more. Here are the directions for using ClassLink.  

How to Log into ClassLink Video



Here is a guide for using Classlink:  https://5il.co/e3go

Emergency Internet Resouces

Several area Internet providers have released plans to help families who need connectivity during the school closure. Click below to find out what companies who serve your residence are doing. 

Emergency Internet Document

Click Here

Free Digital Reading Resources

Many of our vendors have opened their digital libraries for free access during this time, and Amy Mullen, Cache Librarian, has put these together in a document for your use. 

Even if you cannot do any other distance learning during this time, reading and writing in a journal (about the book or whatever is going on in life) is a great way to increase vocabulary and maintain other skills. Reading just 30-60 minutes each day will help students make gains, and many of these resources can be downloaded to a phone. 

Here is the link for these resources:  Free E-Book Resources

Great Plains Distance Learning

Great Plains Technology Center Distance Learning Plans

The Great Plains Career Tech Center has provided us their Distance Learning Plans. Please click here to download the information. In the document, you will find contact information in case you need assistance. 

Great Plains Distance Learning Plans

Social Emotional Support While Distance Learning

Cache Public Schools recognizes that the coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented and constantly evolving circumstance impacting the lives of our students and families. As you and your children join us in facing the adjustments to the learning process, we know that the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students are essential keys to continued learning.

This folder is intended as a resource bank for students and families for quick references and tips on addressing the social, emotional and behavioral needs of your children at home, particularly as it relates to their readiness to learn from a distance. Please use any and all resources that suit the needs of your family and child(ren).

Parent Resource Folder

If your child is in need of social, emotional, or behavioral support, or if you, the parent, need assistance in supporting these needs for your child, please also do not hesitate to contact your child’s Teacher or School Counselor. We are here to help!

  • Trena Burch, Primary School, trena.burch@cacheps.org
  • Jennifer Thompson, Intermediate Elementary, jennifer.thompson@cacheps.org
  • Becky Smith, 5&6th and Middle School, becky.smith@cacheps.org
  • Carol Blanton, High School, carol.blanton@cacheps.org
  • Tammy Fritz, High School, tammy.fritz@cacheps.org

Military Student Counselor

If you are a student whose parent is active/retired military, Mr. Stewart is available during this time as a resource. Please see his contact information below.